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November 19, 2011


AKIRA’s iconic image of the main character walking towards his bike.

Leading the charge for my 2nd wave is another legendary series, this one by Otomo Katsuhiro of AKIRA, Mother Sarah, and Steamboy fame, AKIRA being the most acclaimed and famous work of his. Otomo spent 8 years working on the project, and supposedly it was never completed to his utmost satisfaction. What he has created however has won numerous industry awards both domestically and abroad, and has stood the test of time tremendously well. It is as good as the day he put the wrap on it so many years ago.

AKIRA is set in a post-post-apocalyptic world of 2030, in a vast metropolis built on the ashes of a Tokyo annihilated by a blast from an unknown power. The lives of a group of delinquents are forever changed one night when one of them is involved in an accident which triggers his latent psychic ability. When he is whisked away by clandestine government agents, the others goes after him. Slowly the plot unravels, and the unimaginable power known as AKIRA that destroyed Tokyo 38 years ago and triggered WWIII is revealed.

in 1988 AKIRA was adapted into a landmark animated film, although its plot differs markedly from the print version. Together they are credited as having introduced both forms of storytelling to West and led the way for their popularization in the early 1990s. More recently, Hollywood has been hard at work trying to come out with a white-washed live-action adaptation of it, of which I am very unenthusiastic about. Regardless, the best version is now preserved for all times on the internet and here at MU.

AKIRA v1-2
AKIRA v3-4
AKIRA v5-6



The 1st Ten

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The Light in Darkness (& Tenth Post Celebration)

October 19, 2011


“Life is the light that shines in darkness.”
-Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä, or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (or just Nausicaa for short), is the epic post-apocalyptic fantasy story by Hayao Miyazaki, founder of Studio Ghibli – revered for its hand-drawn animations. This manga precedes that tradition as well as the company in fact, where absolutely everything down to the individual sticks of furniture in the background is hand-drawn by Miyasaki. Perhaps because of that he spent 12 years completing it, taking intermittent hiatuses for featured films. The 1984 film adaptation is made well before the wrap on the manga (1992), hence it falls short of the vision and scope depicted in the books.

The story takes place 1000 years after a cataclysmic event which destroys the previous civilization and leaves the world heavily polluted and its oceans poisoned. Much of the world is covered by the “Sea of Corruption”, a toxic fungal forest that is steadily encroaching on the remaining open land. Humanity clings on in the lands beyond the forest, periodically engaging in bouts of internecine fighting for the scarce resources that remain. The main character is Nausicaa, princess of the Valley of the Wind, a periphery state drawn in to the battle between two of the largest remaining nations when one invaded the other.

My god, if there’s one manga I’d read for the rest of eternity, this would be it. There is no overstating the thought, creativity, and the overall quality of this manga. One of his earliest works, Miyasaki was able to encapsulate in Nausicaa many of his now time-honored themes – a staunch anti-war stance, environmentalism, and the absence of traditional good-evil dichotomies. I have included in this release the entire Nausicaa manga, a screenplay of vol.1 by an anonymous fan, and the prototype entitled Shuna’s Journey by Sc-Scans (I threw in Inane’s ch1 so you can compare). The Art of Nausicaa – Watercolor Impressions is also available.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind + Shuna’s Journey + Bonus


The Art of Nausicaa – Watercolor Impressions

10 posts! 17 complete / up-to-date series! Hundreds of volumes! It’s been a pleasure sharing the best of what seinan genre has to offer here at MU. And as we all know, mature mangas are the best mangas. Period. Look forward to the future posts where I’ll continue to match quality for quality, quantity to quality, and manicure to pedicure for the best possible read.


Series in Review
◆ Berserk ◆ (Up to Date)
◆ Eden ◆ (Complete)
◆ MONSTER ◆ (Complete)
◆ 20th Century Boys ◆ (Complete)
◆ 21st Century Boys ◆ (Complete)
◆ PLUTO ◆ (Complete)
◆ Happy! ◆ (Vol.1 through 10)
◆ Billy Bat ◆ (Vol.1 through 5)

◆ Bokko ◆ (Complete)
◆ Shamo ◆ (Up to Date)
◆ Koroshiya Ichi ◆ (Complete)
◆ Homunculus ◆ (Up to Date)

◆ Gunnm ◆ (Complete)
◆ Gunnm Last Order ◆ (Up to Date)

◆ Hajime no Ippo ◆ (Vol.1 through 61)
◆ GANTZ ◆ (Vol.1 through 24)
◆ Nausicaa ◆ (Complete)

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The Place We Go After Life

September 10, 2011


Somewhere in Tokyo, in one of its overpriced closets, err I mean apartment, sits Gantz. Gantz has a job to do, and that is to summon people of various walks of life, at the moment of their mortal demise, to his empty abode – fully healthy and able. You see, Gantz is a black metal sphere, and what you do with your “new life” is entirely up to him. Many people don’t survive the missions Gantz sends them on, but of the few who do and eventually “win the game,” a “reward” is waiting for them…

I don’t think this one needs too much introduction: GANTZ is the mega popular seinan manga by Oku Hiroya, the author of HEN. Mega popular which is to say Gantz has got plenty of violence, gore, sex, pop-cultural nods…everything the body needs to keep prodding on, plugging away :)

Hawks started off this one (v1-5 and some change), then ShocWave came and did a lot of the heavy lifting (v6-20), Illuminati Manga and Phase 3 are each in it for 1 and 2 volumes, respectively (v21, v22-23). Those are the full volume scans. As a bonus, I included the chapter scans for the complete v24, by Binktopia. From that point on Gantz suffered some inconsistent scanlating, and no further volume scans are available to my knowledge.

GANTZ V01-07 (Hawks, Omanga, ShocWave) CL
GANTZ V08-12 (ShocWave) CL
GANTZ V13-16 (ShocWave) CL
GANTZ V17-20 (ShocWave) CL
GANTZ V21-24 (Illuminati Manga, Phase3, Binktopia) CL

This is your chance to grab the bundle of 24 full volumes, cleaned, numbered, and organized.

BerserkEdenNaoki Urasawa
BokkoShamoYamamoto Hideo
Gunnm – Battle AngelHajime no Ippo ◆ GANTZ ◆

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Spirit of the Fighting Men

August 12, 2011


Hajime no Ippo, or the “The First Step” by Morikawa Jyoji has been continuously serialized since 1989, with 96 collected volumes and counting. It’s the story of Makunouchi Ippo, a boy growing up without a father who looks to boxing for guidance on becoming a real man.

The reason why there’s 61 volumes here is because that’s actually all I have archived myself, and as someone who has boxed in the past, right up to the end of “Takamura vs Eagle” is what I consider, as a boxer, to be worth reading. Hajime no Ippo actually counts as shonen, or teens and young adults, but it has a lot of heart, is engaging, and without a doubt a page-turner during the actual fights that I think the 1st 61 books should make the cut. Cus they’re just labels in the end, there are plenty of bad seinen series after all. Above all else it’ll give you a good sense of the rigor and discipline required of a pro boxer.

Defunct group SnoopyCool did v1 through v60, and Ignition-One is in it for one.

Hajime no Ippo v01-10 (SnoopyCool) CL
Hajime no Ippo v11-20 (SnoopyCool) CL
Hajime no Ippo v21-30 (SnoopyCool) CL
Hajime no Ippo v31-40 (SnoopyCool) CL
Hajime no Ippo v41-50 (SnoopyCool) CL
Hajime no Ippo v51-61 (SnoopyCool, Ignition-One) CL

Enjoy this 61-volume mega post. It was quite the PITA to clean, name, and package them all.


Fuusuke (TEZUKA Osamu) complete by twopioneers

Shamo ch.58-60 by Illuminati-Manga

Until Death Do Us Part ch.118 by Nihil Sine Nefas


BerserkEdenNaoki Urasawa
BokkoShamoYamamoto Hideo
Gunnm – Battle Angel ◆ Hajime no Ippo ◆

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The Zenith of Things

July 17, 2011


Okay, here we go. This is the complete up-to-date collection of Gun Dream (Kanji: 銃夢, Latinized: Gunnm, NA: Battle Angel Alita) by Kishiro Yukito. This is a series that’s also been running for the last 21 years or so, which is on par with Berserk. It’s divided into two series because the original Gunnm ended prematurely due to outside factors and author supplied a false “feel good” ending; the 2nd series, Last Order, retcons it and continues the story. The English title and naming scheme are presumably inspired by the 1923 novel Aelita by Alexei Tolstoy, whose Aelita is also Martian.

The story follows Gally (Alita), a dormant cyborg and the master of an ancient martial art, is dug out of a junk heap and resuscitated into a futuristic, dystopian city called the Scrapyard. Scrapyard itself is a giant scrap heap that sits below the floating city of Salem (Tiphares). Ground dwellers have no access this sky city and are forced to make a living in the sprawl below. Many have taken to being heavily modified by cybernetics to cope with their hard life. Machine servants of the sky city maintain a stable of hired mercenaries in the Scrapyard to protect their interests, namely food and other goods produced and refined on the ground, and bound for above…

You starting to catch the drift? I wonder how many past readers recognize the allegories that are being presented here, and continue to think it’s a futuristic setting when it’s anything but. The relationship between the Scrapyard and the floating city of Salem is the contemporary relationship between the 1st and 3rd world countries today. Beyond its entertainment value, this is the big underlying geopolitical theme of Gunnm which runs through every facet of the storyline. I urge you to read it again, because that’s where its uniqueness lies – it’s a popular narrative presented from the near-nonexistent 3rd world perspective, and correctly casts the 1st world as an oppressor. Jame Cameron is said to be a big fan and is committed to directing the film adaptation, whose Avatar shares some similarities. Nevertheless Avatar is vastly more patronizing, and in the spirit of Dances With Wolves and Lawrence of Arabia, continues to play on Hollywood’s fantasy of other races and cultures as caricatures. I sincerely hope he doesn’t fuuu it up.

Gallys :)

Gunnm v01-05
Gunnm v06-09 + Ashen Victor + 3 Side Stories

Gunnm Last Order v01-05
Gunnm Last Order v06-09
Gunnm Last Order v10-12
Gunnm Last Order v13-15 + Barjack Girl
Gunnm Last Order v16c99-104

The people who bring you your Gunnm goodness these days and has been for some time are Crazyankan & Rippersanime, I’m sure everyone knows. MangaProjects.cjb.net had a hand in the early Last Order volumes. I’ve also included Haisha (Ashen Victor) and the 3 gaiden (side stories) in the first series, and the Last Order gaiden called Bashaku Ando (Barjack Girl) with the newest volumes. Haisha is a 1-volume spinoff done in the visual style of Sin City by Frank Miller.


Waters v1-2 (Complete) by Hox Scanlations
From the guy who did Mushishi


Homunculus vol.13 by Illuminati-Manga l mirror
Two more volumes left

I am a Hero V04 [GWR]
More wimps and zombies

Berserk c323 [Evil_Genius]
Berserk c324 Raw
Berserk c324 [Evil_Genius]
Berserk v36 [Evil_Genius]

I’ve gone back and spruced up my very 1st post, to celebrate Miura finishing v36 :)

BerserkEdenNaoki Urasawa
BokkoShamoYamamoto Hideo
◆ Gunnm – Battle Angel ◆

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Absolutely for Adult Only

June 27, 2011


We have two choice flavors today from the seldom celebrated, yet readily fascinating Yamamoto Hideo, whose penchant for crime, martial arts, sexual deviations and the human mind takes his works further and deeper into, let’s call it rarely congested territories.

Koroshiya 1 tells the story of an assassin living a life of reenactment of his traumatic past. I’m not kidding when I say this manga is recommended for “Adult Only”, aka well-adjusted person of at least teen-age. Homunculus picks up on the story of a homeless man, though a pseudo-medical procedure, is able to see the warped psyche of the people around him in mind-bending avataral forms, or “homunculus” as they call it. This one gets a “Mature Only” for having many of the same elements as Koroshiya 1, but less physical, more cerebral. Yamamoto lived the homeless life for a time to do research for this project, I hesitate to guess what he did for Koroshiya.

Hawks is wholly responsible for bringing Koroshiya 1 to us, while work on Homunculus has been a collaboration between they & MangaScreener, lasting 8 volumes. Next 4 comes from the unofficial heir to the seinen scanlation crown, Illuminati-Manga. Great job guys.

Koroshiya Ichi v01-05 (Hawks) CL
Koroshiya Ichi v06-10 (Hawks) CL

Homunculus v01-05 (Hawks, MS) CL
Homunculus v06-09 (Hawks, MS, Illuminati-Manga) CL
Homunculus v10-12 (Illuminati-Manga) CL


New Berserk! Next one is due July 8th.


Neighbor No. 13
download vol.01-03(end) l mirror

BerserkEdenNaoki Urasawa
BokkoShamo ◆ Yamamoto Hideo ◆

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Blood In, Blood Out

June 10, 2011


Antihero, Fighting, Hallucination, Karate, Murder, Prison, Rape, Training, Violence. These are the categories Shamo falls under on MangaUpdates. Throw in the genre tags of Action, Drama, Martial Arts, Mature, Psychological, Seinen, and Tragedy and Shamo is summed up superbly.

This is a story about a gifted young man named Ryo Narushima who murders his parents and ensuing fallout that leads him down a treacherous one-way path, in which fighting is the only reprieve, and victory all but a frolicking mirage – the life of the Game Cock.

The martial arts depicted in this manga is without a doubt the best I’ve seen in any 2-dimensional visual medium. Unfortunately not a lick of new material has come out since 2007 because the artist and the credited original author are locked in a copyright battle, meaning Shamo has been on extended hiatus for the last 4 years, pending the reconciliation of its two architects.

Of the available 25 volumes, a hearty thank you goes out to Manga-Sketchbook for putting up the herculean effort through out the years of bringing it to us, Wild Fang Project for the last two books, and the various groups that pitched in and helped along the way.

Shamo V01-05 (CL) (Manga-Sketchbook)
Shamo V06-10 (CL) (Manga-Sketchbook)
Shamo V11-15 (CL) (Manga-Sketchbook, Nexgear, Blackout)
Shamo V16-20 (CL) (Manga-Sketchbook, Wild Fang Project)
Shamo V21-25 (CL) (Manga-Sketchbook, Wild Fang Project)
Shamo v26 c54-57 (CL) (Wild Fang Project)

As always, all volumes have been manicured pedicured (CL).
The big post is coming after this one.

BerserkEdenNaoki UrasawaBokko ◆ Shamo ◆

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Bokko – Art of Defense

June 1, 2011


It’s no lie to say that things have been busy lately, nevertheless this post has been a long time coming and for that I apologize.

This is a story that takes place thousands of years ago in a pre-unified Middle Kingdom (international known as China) during the Warring States Period of its history. A city of peasants is besieged by an army of soldiers many times its size. Coming to the defense of the cowed people is a single man who goes by the name of Ge Li, a warrior of Mo, an ancient school of philosophy, scientific exploits, and martial art. Mohism is one of the four principle schools of thought that emerged from the period of the Hundred Schools of Thought along with Daoism, Legalism, and of course Confucianism. Through out the story Ge Li has to not only contend with the cunning enemy general (the confrontation between the two characters is key), but the internal politics of the city’s decadent aristocracy.

The story is superbly researched, showcasing many of the unique weapons, the exotic weapons, as well as a few of the decidedly modern weapons that could be found in ancient China. I’d like to thank Omanga for bringing this amazing work to us via French raw scans. The only downside is that names of places and people are romanized under Japanese pronunciation rather than Chinese, which undercuts the authenticity a bit (remember Japanese uses the Chinese writing system of hanzi/kanji).

A film adaptation of this was made in 2006, called A Battle of Wits. Some of the promo posters are shown below. I’ve not seen it, but I look forward to watching this movie when I do get a hold of it.

Bokko v1-11 (CL) (Omanga)

-ps Since we just had a fresh post by Archer, this will be the only series upload this time. The next one will be another very comprehensive one like the Naoki Urasawa mega post. In the meantime please enjoy this if you’re a new reader and of course the new stuff available one post down.

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